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Lego Mars Mission Crystalien Conflict Game

Lego Mars Mission: Crystalien Conflict was a massive hit on lego.com
This game having only 10 levels for the aliens and humans is verry addcitive.
It has various hidden levels as well as many new things to try out as you advance in the game.
The game is somewhat hard to explain though it can be put that your goal as the humans is to expand your control on mars.
As for the aliens your goal would be to defend. Check out some of the pictures to see more.

The game also has cheatcodes here are a few to try out!

moneypenny - powered Up / most cheats will be activated
fatwallet - start with $50,000
newbie - triple shields
n00b - triple shields
299792458 - build faster
quickbuild - build faster
awesome - rapid fire
clearskies - shroud Removed

More cheats can be found here