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Reporting Issues
Found an issue on the website? If the website is having issues or problems please tell us. We sometimes do have issues with the website due to constant development and improvements. Feel free to contact us and tell us what is wrong.

Accidental Pictures added
If you find any pictures that don't belong here for example a random picture of a tree no caption or anything. Chances are it dose not belong on our website and it was simply an accident while processing the pictures. Other such pictures that are political and opinionated is not really intended to get on to our website either simply because a majority of our audience wont relate to the politics or its just opinionated. We try to leave opinions and pointless stuff out of it when uploading pictures so if you find any that may have slipped by just tell us!

Reporting Trolls
If someone is being malicious within the live chat room please feel free to contact us we will assess the situation and determine if they pose a threat. Such things that are not acceptable here are spamming, pointless hateful behavior towards others in the chat room and so on. Note there is no censorship of words in the chat people will not be banned for simply cursing.